Who is The Cafe Guy and why should I care!

Photo of NBaltzersen's owner The Cafe Guy Paul Rawlinson reading his Great Grandma's recipe book.

I am Paul Rawlinson, The Cafe Guy, and I own a Scandinavian inspired cafe in Harrogate called Baltzersen’s.

We used to have a restaurant called Norse that popped up here too but in Feb 2017 we did a Kickstarter campaign to move it to a new home on Swan Road.  That business subsequently failed in May 2018, so it’s not total success on this journey.

I live in Harrogate and have done so since 2011 when we moved here to open the business.  Before this I moved around a bit because I was a serving officer in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

I am married to Katie, an NHS dietitian working in stroke and neurology, who has now left that role to join the family business as Finance Manager.  We have two sons Seth and Toby.

This blog has been up for a couple of years and I’ve always posted pretty sporadically and on a fairly wide range of topics.

During 2019 I was back to concentrating on the original idea for the blog, writing about how to run a cafe and some of the things we try to do in our business to make it better.

In 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting the country we opened our new venture Bakeri Baltzersen, an artisan bakery that would supply our shops and offer wholesale to other businesses.  As it happened we have gone straight into residential deliveries as a necessity given the extraordinary circumstances of the current situation.

I love talking about business, especially cafes and coffee shops, that’s why I write here.  I harbour ambitions to perhaps be able to help small business owners on a more formal basis in the future.

If you want to get in touch with me you can do so via email on info@paulrawlinson.co.uk.